We always want answers.

Every problem needs a solution,
every rift an absolution,
every worry, resolution.

Stay away from those three mysterious little black dots at the end of a sentence.
End them with a period, minus that tricky pirate hook overhead.
Tie it all up in a pretty little package with a bow.

Every injustice requires restitution,
every murderer deserves electrocution,
every imperfection demands evolution.

Life becomes about risk management.
We run away from heartbreak.
We lock our doors and fence in our yards,
save our money and plan for the future.
We avoid eye contact with the cardboard sign holders
and let television define our reality.

Don’t challenge the status quo.
Just know the facts and bludgeon other people with your ideologies.
And above all else, champion the “truth”.

Any crazies face an institution,
Any dissenters can expect persecution,
Any revolutions call for dissolution.

But what if we have it backwards?
What if instead of answers we searched for questions?
What if poverty is the blessing and prosperity is a curse?
What if life is only found in dying?
What if to find love we have to give it away without any expectation of return?
What if forgiveness trumps justice?
What if the most important part of a conversation isn’t speaking, but listening?
What if imperfection is the truest form of beauty?
What if the point of it all is the journey instead of the destination?
What if truth is actually relative?

What if…

What if we loved the most the ones who least deserve it?
What if we embraced the in-between, we didn’t run from irresolution,
and learned to live in the tension?
What if we were ok with not knowing?

What if?


One thought on ““Backwards”

  1. Kim, you should bring a couple of your poems to our beer-get together and I’ll do the same. This is good stuff. There’s a fine line between simple language that is plain yet complex and simple language that simply sucks. You ended up on the right side of the line w/ this one. I really appreciate your allusion to the ellipsis and question mark, then how you ended the poem with those forms of punctuation.

    I have more thoughts on this that I’ll share after I take my first sip of Mac n’ Jacks at Rico’s. See you soon!


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