The merits of a set of good eyebrows

The timing of my 2014 Revolutions post left me with only a few days to really reflect on a physical characteristic this month. But never fear, I fully intend to embrace my “Personal/Emotional” Revolution for the month of January regardless. So here goes. One of the physical attributes of my body that I have hated/put down/been ashamed of in the past is…my eyebrows.

I know, that seems like such a weird place to start. But when I was a (rather hairy) adolescent, I was deeply embarrassed about the caterpillar-esqe eyebrows I was genetically gifted. It didn’t take me long to try to do something about this debacle (i.e. get my hands on a set of good tweezers, and go to town). I didn’t know what I was doing, but tried my best to observe and copy what I saw around me or in magazines, and just sort of went for it.

Now here’s the funny thing (at least to me). In my adult life, I have gotten more compliments about my eyebrows than maybe any other physical attribute! Which never ceases to crack me up, mostly because I find it a weird thing to notice and compliment someone on. But I am seriously complimented on them ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve even had an aesthetician ask me if I would tell people that *she* did my eyebrows when they asked! :) But in probably 15+ years, I’ve only ever done them myself.

And so here is where I re-focus my gaze. I have really great eyebrows! And while my success in achieving such a status may have been rather accidental on my part (at least initially), no one other than me can take credit for it. I think that’s pretty cool. I’m damn proud of my good eyebrows, and that’s a rather novel feeling for me.

If you’re wondering how on earth I am possibly going to find a way to connect this physical attribute to serving or blessing others…I was too! (Ha.) But then I started thinking about something else I have learned over the past several years: how to take a compliment. It is too easy for us (for me) to brush off a compliment, or to counter it with a negative remark. We don’t want to seem prideful, we disagree, we hem and haw. But what are we really usually doing in those moments? We are essentially discrediting the sincerity or the opinions of others. When I return a compliment with a genuine “Thank you” and a smile, I do honor to the person who gave the compliment. I give their opinion merit. And I think that’s pretty important too.

And so, this month, I recognize the beauty of my eyebrows. (The right one of which, as I typed that, was raised in a quizzical and somewhat comical manner). And I send a sincere thank you to anyone who has ever noticed them or taken the time to compliment me on them. I really do appreciate it! :)

Revolutions, baby.


2 thoughts on “The merits of a set of good eyebrows

  1. Beckie says:

    I was complimented on my eyebrows, for the first time that I can remember, just the other day! I thanked this perfect stranger excitedly, but I also thought…what a strange thing to notice about something. You’re right though, most of us are horrible at taking a compliment! I enjoy your perspective on life!

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