About Me

lightrail“I write to discover what I know.” -Flannery O’Connor

I started this blog seven years ago. SEVEN years! They were years of growth and beauty and heartache and being. Seven years of life. More than 160 posts. And yet now, I hardly recognize the self I cataloged throughout these pages.

I’ve changed. A lot. And isn’t that life? Change is part pain, part wonder, part heartache, part joy; and always quintessentially part of the human experience.

I haven’t been writing for the past year, really, and all the while, I have struggled to figure out what I know. I have so many questions, but this past year has been one of listening. Of learning. Of letting go of the past. Of learning to rest in the shadowlands.

I think I’m ready to start writing again. To begin to wrestle, to battle these words and thoughts and ideas that fill up my head and my heart. I’m ready to share (and to figure out) some of what I know about me, my life, and my faith, and the world around us.

For now, I’ve archived almost all my past writings. I need to take the time to read and process through them, and then I may share more with the interwebs. Until then, this is a new space, of sorts, for me. A clean slate.

I’m excited. And a little scared.

Join me. Let’s figure out what we know, together.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. blogsearcher says:

    Good for you. I like the picture. And the longer hair. Keep writing.

  2. kimberlyklein says:

    I like the long hair too. ;)

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